I started Campaign for Cloth primarily to promote cloth nappies, this developed into promoting sanitary pads. The sanitary pads are now my primary concern and I work closely with Eco Femme in India and Supreme Malawi. I use Glastonbury as a platform to educate women about the alternatives to disposables – which alongside being plastic based are full of chemicals. So many people are unaware of the alternatives outside disposables. Working with Eco Femme and Supreme highlighted the importance of menstruation education and hygiene in India and African countries (and of course we have period poverty here in the UK).  My aim is to develop our work with Supreme Malawi and manufacture pads that we are able to sell in the UK – our aim is for an inexpensive quality product that benefits girls and women in the UK and Malawi.

Society is defined not by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.

John Sawhill