Make a Difference

It’s important to us that everybody benefits from using our products from the Turtles in the ocean to the people on the streets, and that why 100% of the profits from the sales go straight into the Happy Turtle Foundation.

The Foundation supports loads of great causes, from grassroot community initiatives right here in Bude and Cornwall, to international research organisations. As an added bonus, when somebody makes a Happy Turtle Company purchase, they get to choose where their contribution goes. Awesome, right?

How does it work?

When you make a Happy Turtle purchase, your pounds turn into points, which you can then give to the organisation of your choosing;

for example; if you spend £100 on Happy Turtle straws, you are given 100 points.

  • 20 points (20%) go automatically to the organisations at the core of The Happy Turtle Company (see below!)
  • The remaining 80 points (80%) are yours to donate to our range of worthy causes, or nominate your own (as long as the organisation meets our guidelines*).

You can give all your points to one organisation or split them into as many pots as you would like!

Here are some of the Turtally Awesome organisations we already support.

Think you should be on this list? Get in touch and lets talk!

We Support

Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.